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Why are We So Awesome

We are a team of bail bond agents that are passionate about our job and have spent considerable time preparing creative programs to help familys in need. If you are looking a professional bail bond agency with the right attitude to help your through your time of need, you have come to the right place. Our staff will walk you through the judicial process and offer comfort & support.

  • Easy Release Programs

    Over the last several decades, bond sizes have continued to increase. Today, a large bond can mean that your loved one will stay incarcerated throughout their trial. By offering several different release options, including both collateralized and uncollateralized release options, we can focus on the main objective; getting your loved one home and ensuring that they appear at all of their court appearances.

  • Easy Payment Plans

    A bail bond fee is set by state law and is tied to the amount of the bond, so the larger the bond the larger the fee. Because the bond size can vary so greatly based upon the court and the judge, it can be difficult for families to afford bond. We at You Call Bail Bond Agency focus on releasing as many people as possible, so long as we believe that your loved one will appear at all of their required court appearances. We have created several payment programs to ensure that your loved ones right to bail is not forfeited simply because you do not have enough money to afford bond.

  • Quick FAQs

    You Call Bail Bond Agency provides unmatched customer service in the bail bond business. We take pride in developing trusting, personal relationships with our clients. Our clients will not be treated as just another number.

    • About Us

      You Call Bail Bond Agency is experienced and larger than most local bail agencies, which allows us the ability to create & offer release programs that other companies cannot or will not offer.

    • Small Enough to Care

      You Call Bail Bond Agency has purposely remained small enough to work intimately with each of our clients to obtain the release of your loved ones and help ensure that you are knowledgable and comfortable throughout the entire process.

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    Why You Call Bail Bond Agency

    Let our Family help your Family in a time of need.


    Each of our employees are trained to treat each and every client with the respect that they deserve.


    Every one of our employees and bail agents will handle your case in a professional way, providing the best advice for your specific case.


    Each case and each person is different and our employees understand that a cookie cutter approach does not work with bail bonds, we will tailor a program to your specific needs.

    Ease of Use

    Often the families of those incarcerated are the ones trying to sort through the release options available to those in jail, we will help make sure that we present the option in a simple and non-confusing manner.


    Not every person that has been arrested is a hardened criminal and our staff will take the time to understand the circumstances and needs surrounding your situation.


    Service at You Call Bail Bond Agency does not stop once your loved one is released, our staff is available to help guide you through and explain the legal process to you.

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